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Help for applying to a 10 years residence permit

Activity - Visa - EURAXESS_CARTE10ANS

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Maison Universitaire Internationale

Registration is open Until 30/09/2024 - 3 place(s) available

You are a researcher and wish to apply for a long-term resident card (10 years)?

The Euraxess Service Centre at the University of Strasbourg offers support for your application for a long-term EU resident card (10 years) or a 10-year residence certificate (for Algerian nationals).

The 10-year resident card requires having resided in France for at least 5 years without interruption (3 years for beneficiaries of bilateral agreements, including Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia) with a regular residence permit. Please note that years under a student visa are not counted in the 5 years of regular and uninterrupted stay in France. Income conditions also apply: your income must be at least equal to the minimum wage (€1747 gross per month).

If you believe you meet the eligibility criteria for the long-term resident card, we invite you to make an appointment with us to assist you with your application: verification of your eligibility conditions, review of your documentation, and guidance on the application submission process.

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