The University of Strasbourg holds the Welcome to France label

Healthcare for Students

Foreign students studying in France benefit from coverage under the French social security system. For additional coverage of medical expenses, you can get a supplementary health insurance policy, commonly known as "mutuelle."

Your Social Protection

Make sure you think about your healthcare rights when preparing your mobility to France!

Registrations to the Assurance maladie are free and mandatory. When you do so, all of your health expenses will be covered throughout the entirety of your stay. 
You also need to register if you are a French citizen from Wallis and Futuna or born abroad.

Healthcare, How Does It Work?

When you register with the social security system, you are given a social security number (13-digit number) and the issuing of a computerized card, known as the Carte Vitale.


 Before my arrival

Documents You Need Before Coming to France

Before your arrival in France, make sure to gather all the following documentation in digital format:

  • Civil status certificate;
  • Evidence of your identity (passport, national ID card…);
  • Student visa.

After your arrival in France, you will need additional documentation to finalize your registration: 

  • Enrollment certificate for the upcoming school year;
  • Residence permit.

Make sure you gather all of the required documents beforehand in order to register as early as possible.
Read through the international student memo to get a complete overview of the different steps!
Watch the tutorial on the Ameli website: (CF. Dossier des documents vidéos)

 I am in Strasbourg

Registering for Assurance maladie

Upon your arrival in France and after getting your registration certificate, you need to sign up on the Assurance maladie website at: You will need to provide the necessary documentation to complete your registration.