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Disability Support

The Service de la vie universitaireMission Handicap at the University of Strasbourg (Unistra) and the disability advisors at Unistra are dedicated to welcoming and assisting students with disabilities, with the aim of helping them successfully navigate their academic journey or pursue their professional goals. This support includes:

  • Welcoming and guiding students with disabilities along career path;
  • Offering personalized solutions tailored to specific needs;
  • Adapting course layouts to accommodate individual requirements;
  • Providing a range of human and technical support services;
  • Coordinating exam schedules and conditions;
  • Raising awareness and promoting understanding of disability issues.

    If you are a student with disabilities, don't hesitate to reach out to the Service de la vie universitaireMission handicap or the disability advisors at the University of Strasbourg for assistance with:

    Erasmus+ mobility program for people with disabilities

    The Erasmus+ program places special emphasis on providing support and assistance to disabled students, including educational and technical support, as well as addressing the extra expenses associated with the mobility of individuals with disabilities. Therefore, you have the option to apply for a grant from your home institution in addition to the Erasmus+ mobility grant.

    This supplementary funding can be used to cover expenses related to specific accommodations, travel companions, medical supervision, essential materials, in-home assistance, or even caregiving support.


    Programme for University of Strasbourg's staff

    In accordance with regulations, measures are implemented to support University of Strasbourg staff members with disabilities. Personalised assistance is provided by the University's Disability and Work Network (Réseau handicap et travail), which also offers clearly identified contacts within the HR department and the Work Health Service (Service de la santé au travail).

    More specifically, the university's disability coordinator is responsible for implementing this policy, both in terms of recruitment and job retention. She handles the registration, the annual declaration, and provides information and communication to staff members and partners. In collaboration with occupational health doctors and the social worker, she processes requests for workplace accommodations.

    For any information and/or assistance, please contact: handicapettravail(@)unistra(.)fr


    Disability programme for PhD students

    As doctoral students enrolled at the University of Strasbourg, you can benefit from the support provided by the University's Student Life Service. Please refer to the section above concerning students for more information.

    If you are a contract doctoral student, you can also avail yourself of the assistance provided by the University's Disability and Work Network (Réseau handicap et travail) for its personnel.

    Additionally, as part of its disability policy, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR) conducts an annual campaign to award disability doctoral contracts for individuals with recognized disabilities.

    Calls for applications are disseminated by doctoral schools starting in February, with a closing date in early May.