The University of Strasbourg holds the Welcome to France label

Breaking Off Isolation

You might be suffering from isolation. Here are a few leads to help you out.

The International Buddy Program of the University of Strasbourg

Sign up for the International Buddy Program of the University of Strasbourg. A student from the university will make sure you integrate into your new life in Strasbourg. 

Workshops, Events and Tours

Participate in workshops, events and tours of the city organized year-round by the International Relations Office or by the other academic components and services of the University of Strasbourg. Check out the events calendar for international students and the calendar of the University of Strasbourg. Those activities are mostly free and will get you to mingle with other students.

Sport at the University of Strasbourg

Practice a sport: the Service des sports de l'Université de Strasbourg is the ideal place to train as well as meet people. Sixty sports and artistic workshops are available to students and university employees. Their form varies: classes, free practice, courses and outings, and various events throughout the year (“Events” section) such as competitions, sports animation, shows, dances, couple dancing, fitness marathon and well-being, volley-ball, hand-ball and basket-ball nights.

Student Organizations

Check out the directory of student organizationsto find one that matches your interests.


Try out Tandem to practice your French with a native student.