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An Environmentally Responsible University

The University of Strasbourg is committed to environmental responsibility. As such:

  • It assumes social responsibility and participates in national and European objectives to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gases, waste and pesticides;
  • It promotes new, more environmentally friendly uses;
  • It is part of a network of actors involved in energy and climate policies at a local level;
  • It improves the well-being (comfort, working and learning conditions) of everyone.

The creation of the Misssion Développement Durable (DDRS) is a response to these concerns. Its main tasks are to: 

  • Manage the University's "Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility" label;
  • Support projects aimed at making the campus more environmentally responsible;
  • Develop training for staff and students;
  • Support the introduction of more sustainable practices in research units;
  • Promote and communicate the DDRS actions undertaken by students, lecturers, researchers and administrative staff.

In March 2021, a Vice President for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility was appointed to provide political support for the DDRS approach within the decision-making authorities.

Acting for Sustainable Development at Unistra

Do you want get involved in sustainable development in your place of study or work? Would you like to share ideas? Do you have a question or a remark?

Take part in sustainable development events throughout the year:

  • September: the Back to School event is an opportunity to learn more about sustainable development at the university through games, such as quizzes;
  • Spring: The Easy to Change Challenge is a game that offers eco-solidarity gestures challenges related to energy saving and reducing waste;
  • March: Environment Week and its famous Bio-local Day;
  • Throughout the year: awareness-raising events, conferences, workshops, etc.

Contact the DDRS Mission to act on:

  • Zero waste;
  • Saving energy;
  • Organizing an eco-responsible conference (or event);
  • Integrating sustainable development objectives into the university's business areas;
  • Establishing an eco-responsibility project within your academic component.

Join Ernest's community space for sustainable development !