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Would you like to continue your current sports activities or explore new ones? The University of Strasbourg Sports Department provides:

If you are involved in high-level sports, the High-Performance Office of the sports department can assist you combine in balancing your high-performance career with your studies.


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Over 70 Sporting Activities

Need to move, need to relax? Whether indoors, outdoors, on or under water, in the air, or on the snow, the University of Strasbourg's sports service, situated at the heart of the campus, provides over 70 activities for your leisure or competitive pursuits. Additionally, numerous opportunities to engage in sports are available beyond the university grounds.

The University of Strasbourg's Sports Association

The University of Strasbourg Sports Association allows you to compete at different levels, from local to international, within the French Federation of University Sports (FFSU).


University Sports Center

  •   1 allée Konrad Roentgen - 67000 Strasbourg

Sports Hall

  •   Rue Arbogast - 67000 Strasbourg


Balancing a Competitive Career With Studying

Are you a high-level athlete? At the University of Strasbourg, you can balance your high-level sports career with your studies.

The High-Level Office of the University of Strasbourg Sports Service can help you to balance your studies with your training and competition needs.



If you are a researcher with a scholarship, a guest, or an employee of CNRS (the French National Centre for Scientific Research), you have access to SUAPS (University Sports Service) just like Unistra staff. To simplify your registration, your research unit or the Euraxess Service Center will need to provide your information to the sports service.

Sport at the Social Promotion Service—SPACS

The SPACS also provides sports activities at preferential rates.

These activities are available to all University of Strasbourg staff, CNRS researchers (through an agreement between Unistra and CNRS), and, based on availability, to any researcher hosted in a university research unit.