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Psychological Support

If you or someone you know is struggling, there are structures in place within or outside the university to help you (Centre d'accueil médico-psychologique de StrasbourgCamus, Service de santé étudianteSSE, Santé Psy Etudiants, students from relais Rescue and relais Cité, the National Suicide Prevention Helpline).

Le Centre d'Accueil Médico-Psychologique de Strasbourg (CAMUS)

If you are suffering from suicidal thoughts, anxiety, stress, family issues, isolation, solitude, or difficulties in your studies, you can come and talk about it at the CAMUS.
You can either meet with a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a nutritionist or a social worker.

The consultations are individual, confidential and free; you just have to make an appointment.

Santé Psy étudiants

You can get up to eight free sessions with a therapist after consultation with a general doctor (from the Student Health Services or outside). The sessions can either be online or at the office. 

Check out the list of all the psychologists after meeting with your doctor.

Students from the Rescue program

The Student health services (SSE) recruited students to inform and guide those of you who are struggling with personal issues, whether they are psychological, medical, nutrition-related, or social.

Watch the presentation of the Rescue program (Video recording: Daniel, Louise et Artur, students who are part of Rescue; illustrations: Joséphine Herbelin ; montage: Digital technology directory, University of Strasbourg, October 2021)

Students from the Cité program

The CROUS of Strasbourg has set up the ‘’étudiants relais cité’’ program to facilitate the students’ move into university residencies.

3114, National Number for Suffering and Suicide Prevention

If you are struggling or having suicidal thoughts, or if you want to help somebody who is suffering, please contact the national number for suicide prevention: 3114. 
A care professional, specifically trained in suicide prevention, will listen to you.
The 3114 number is operated by the Ministère de la santé et de la prévention (Ministry of Health and Prevention). 

Nightline France—Association for Youth Well-Being

Nightline was founded by students in 2016 with the objective to better students’ mental health by being present on all fronts:

  • nightly hotlines both in French and in English where students will get full confidentiality and benevolent care;
  • prevention campaigns which will teach you how to take care of your mental health and that of others.

Check out Life kit to learn how to take care of your mental health and support loved ones through mini-games, trainings, activities and summary sheets.