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Funding Your Research Mobility

To finance your doctoral or postdoctoral research project, or a project within your role as a researcher or faculty member, several funding avenues are available.


Which Funding for Your Research?

Most doctoral programs are funded through doctoral contracts. Therefore, it's advisable to inquire as early as possible with the doctoral school in your chosen discipline to learn about their application timelines. 
List of doctoral schools and information on the Unistra’s doctoral contracts.

Doctoral studies can also be funded through an Industrial Training  Agreement (CIFRE). In this case, the doctoral candidate conducts their research in a company, and the agreement involves three partners  (research unit, doctoral candidate, and company).
More information on the ANRT website.

Doctoral and postdoctoral studies can also be funded through various scholarships, including:

  • Campus France scholarships,
  • scholarships from  your home government,
  • or grants from public or private foundations that support research in specific fields.

Some websites gather postdoctoral job listings by discipline. Feel free to consult with more experienced colleagues in your field to learn about opportunities specific to your area of expertise.
For instance, Fund it! specifically gathers research funding and international mobility opportunities for the humanities and social sciences (SHS).

Postdoctoral positions and research projects can be funded through various means, including:

  • local funders (university's IdEx projects calls,local government bodies),
  • national funders (National Research  Agency, ANR),
  • or European funders (ERC projects, Marie Curie actions,  Interreg projects).

 I am in Strasbourg

The University of Strasbourg's Pôle Unique d’Ingénierie ("unique engineering hub")

The University of Strasbourg's Pôle Unique d’Ingénierie ("unique engineering hub") offers its researchers support in developing research projects to facilitate access to external regional, national, European, and international funding opportunities within the university community.