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Food Services

Whether you're looking for a full meal for lunch or dinner, a cafeteria option or a takeaway, you'll find quality food that's good for your health and the environment accross all the campuses of the University of Strasbourg, in one of the many university restaurants or in one of the cafeterias open throughout the week.

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University Restaurants Location

You will find university restaurants and cafeterias accross all campuses of the University of Strasbourg.

 You can pay for your meals in the Crous restaurants and cafeterias with your campus pass (student or professional card, depending on your profile).


Solidarity Shopping: Agoraé 

Agoraé is a solidarity grocery shop set up by students for all students in Strasbourg. You'll find food at reduced prices and even food aids for students in need. Agoraé create social bonds and also offer awareness-raising campaigns on healthy eating habits and responsible consumption, as well as cultural activities.

It is located in the Gallia building (1 place de l'Université, 67000 Strasbourg) and behind the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management (1 place Athènes, 67000 Strasbourg) on the Esplanade campus. It is managed by Afges (Fédération des étudiants et étudiantes d'Alsace).

Other organizations also provide food aids to students in serious need; more information on Soliguide.


Subsidized Rates for Unistra Staff

University of Strasbourg’s staff members enjoy automatic subsidies deducted from the price of certain meals when payment is made using the Pass Campus loaded on Izly.

Good to know

In the CROUS cafeterias located on the Unistra campus, you have the option to pay by debit card.
Please note that this option is not available at university restaurants!