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Professional Integration

The professional integration of young graduates or recent PhD holders can be difficult. To support its students during this crucial transition, the University of Strasbourg has an Alumni network and other resources available to assist doctoral candidates and young PhD holders in their career path.


Unistra Alumni Network: an International Multi-Disciplinary Network

The Alumni network has been operational since 2012 on the initiative of the University of Strasbourg. It provides inter-generational mutual assistance: you can access expertise and form connections, as well as benefit from employment aid right when you graduate. 

Who are the alumni?

The Alumni are undergraduate, graduate and PhD students who have finished their degrees, people currently working for or retired from the University of Strasbourg or one of its former universities (Louis Pasteur, Marc Bloch, Robert Schuman). 

Why should you sign up for the Alumni network?

Signing up for the Alumni network is free.
It will allow you to develop your community by attending events, afterworks and conferences. You will also get to hear stories from students and professionals and access many professional services. You will then be able to create your own professional network and keep in touch with your fellow classmates thanks to our online directory. Emails remain valid for a lifetime.

Sign up to enjoy all of these opportunities!
Members of our Premium Service will get additional benefits.

Support the Career of Researchers

A wide range of online resources are available to support the professional journey of doctoral students and researchers. The Euraxess portal offers various tools to help you identify and achieve your professional goals. Find job opportunities in research on Euraxess Jobs.

To view job vacancies for teaching and research positions at the University of Strasbourg, you can visit the university's official website. Please note that job listings may change periodically, so it's important to regularly check the university's official website.

Career Workshops at the Euraxess Service Centre in Strasbourg

The Euraxess Service Centre at the University of Strasbourg offers workshops and webinars focused on your career. Organized throughout the year, these events are designed to assist international PhD students and researchers, as well as their spouses, in navigating their careers effectively.

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