The University of Strasbourg holds the Welcome to France label

Strasbourg Student Life

Having a buddy in France can be very useful in helping you settle in when you arrive, or even before you leave. It's also a great way to meet other students and start building your community.

Getting Involved in the Strasbourg Student Life

Sign up for the International Buddy Program at the University of Strasbourg to facilitate your arrival and integration into your new life in France and the cross-border region of Strasbourg.
How? You will be paired with a French buddy and participate in cultural, practical and fun workshops. 

Our buddy program offers two options: 


You are in contact with students from the University of Strasbourg before your arrival in Strasbourg. Your buddy will guide you through the steps you need to take to prepare for your arrival. This way, you will have a good overview of Strasbourg before you even get to France.

Classic buddy

Sign up for a buddy as soon as you get to Strasbourg. A student from the University of Strasbourg will guide you throughout your stay. They will be the first person in the community you will build within the University of Strasbourg. 

The International Relations Office set up this program as part of the Bienvenue en France certification label, which is awarded to higher education institutions for the quality of 
their welcome for international students.


Associations of PhD Students and PhD Holders

Within the University of Strasbourg, associations of PhD students and PhD holders aim to bring together young researchers, promote interaction and connections among doctoral students and doctors, as well as facilitate the exchange of scientific information. 

The main associations of PhD students at the University of Strasbourg, supported by the Research Commission:

  • ADDAL: Alsace Doctoral Students and Doctorates Association;
  • StrasAir: Association of International Researchers in Strasbourg;
  • Dehspus: Association of Doctoral Students and Young Doctors in Law, History, and Political Science at the University of Strasbourg.

There are also discipline-specific associations for doctoral students, intended for those pursuing research in a specific field. To find out if there is one in your scientific field, please inquire with your doctoral school.

Additionally, some research units also offer their own office or association for PhD students. The administrative managers of your research unit should be able to guide you in this regard.

Finally, PhD student representatives typically sit on the laboratory councils of research units and the councils of doctoral schools. In case of difficulties, these representatives can serve as a resource to contact for advice, information, or support.