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Improving Your French

The University of Strasbourg offers a number of French as a Foreign Language courses throughout the year:

  • Intensive (end of August) and extensive (1st and 2nd semester) French as a Foreign Language (FLE) courses, organized by both the International Relations Office and the Research and Development Office;
  • Diploma courses (Diplôme universitaire études françaises, DU RELIER, DELF, DALF), organized by the Pôle Français Langue EtrangèreInstitut International d'Etudes Françaises of the Faculty of Languages;
  • Self-access learning to learn or improve independently.

International Relations Office's Intensive and Extensive FLE courses

The International Relations Office's French Language Support Program is an excellent opportunity for you to improve your level of French and prepare for your new study, research and living environment. You will also meet other international students and researchers to share experiences.

In small groups, you will take part in various activities to improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in French. Other activities will enable you to discover the university campus and the city center. Finally, you'll be given lots of advice and tips on how to adapt to your new environment.

Two French course options are available:

  • Intensive courses in French as a foreign language: (1 session of 2 weeks in the last two weeks of August, 20 hours of French lessons)
  • Extensive courses in French as a foreign language (2 sessions: September to December; January to May, 10 weeks of classes at a rate of 3 hours of French per week)

Studying French as a Foreign Language (FLE) With the Pôle FLE-IIEF

The tradition of French studies at the University of Strasbourg has its origins in a Summer course offered in 1919. This initiative emerged as a response to the pressing need to teach French to Alsacian teachers and professors after 40 years of German annexation.

Rapidly, the curriculum evolved to encompass not only language instruction but also cultural and artistic studies, making the University of Strasbourg a pioneering institution. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, the university hosted numerous European and American people who came to learn the French language and immerse themselves in French culture.

Although interrupted during the Second World War, the French studies program was revived in 1947. A few years later, thanks to Professor Georges Straka, the Institut International d'Études Françaises (IIEF) and its annual French program firmly established themselves as integral parts of the university. Indeed, the IIEF has been serving students and professors for several decades.

FLE-IIEF Department's Address

Pôle Français langue étrangère - Institut international d'études françaises
Bâtiment Le Patio, bureau 4R-08


  •   22 rue René Descartes - 67084 Strasbourg cedex
  •   Contact

Most of the university diploma courses offered by thePôle  FLE-IIEF take place in the
Le Pangloss building.


The Pôle Lansad (Languages for Specialists in Other Disciplines)

The Language Department at the University of Strasbourg's Faculty of Languages provides complimentary French courses (FLE) tailored for students who are not native French speakers. These courses are open to undergraduate and graduate students across various faculties at the University of Strasbourg. This opportunity is available to students as part of their international exchange programs or regular enrollment.

A minimum language proficiency level of B1 is required, with the ultimate goal being to reach levels B2, C1, or C2.

Two options are available:

Validation of a FLE course unit (UE or Unités d’Enseignement) pour 3 ECTS credits

Enrollment to (‘’UE obligatoire’’ (mandatory class) or ‘’autre UE’’) with your Unistra info sur on the website
Check out the FLE Lansad courses (PDF)


'Self-access learning' for all

French learning and practice resources are available for free and open to all University of Strasbourg (Unistra) students and staff during weekday afternoons at the Pangloss Language Center, except on Saturdays and Sundays. These resources encompass a wide range of learning techniques spanning from beginner (A0) to advanced (C2) levels, as well as access to books, newspapers, magazines, games, CDs, and DVDs.

Check out this tutorial to sign up in a FLE unit course: tutorial (PDF)