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Before you  leave, take the time to work out your budget!
For a serene mobility and avoid unpleasant surprises, it's important to prepare your stay carefully. Food, accommodation, transportation, health, leisure... The cost of living in large French cities such as Strasbourg can be very high. 


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Make sure to budget before you leave!

To enjoy your mobility, you must have financial resources adapted to the cost of living in Alsace.

Your budget should include:

  • Main expenses (rent, insurances, transportation...)
  • Daily living expenses (food, hobbies...)
  • Studies expenses (books, supplies, enrollment fees...)
  • And don’t forget about potential unforeseen expenses.

Cost of Living Comparing Tools

There are many tools available to compare the cost of living in cities around the world. Use them to get an idea of the budget you'll need for your mobility.
For example, you can use It allows you to compare the cost of living in Strasbourg with that in your home country.

Projected Budget

Main Expenses

  • 1st month rent → between €200 et €900;
  • Deposit (1 month rent) ;
  • Home insurance → between €20 and €100 per year;
  • Installation fees (electricity, gas, Wi-Fi) → Up to €100;
  • Housing supplies (tableware, bedding, towels, furnitures…);
  • Subscription to an additional health coverage (not mandatory) → between €70 and €300 per year;
  • Phone subscription → between €2 and €30 per month depending on companies’ phone plans;
  • Wi-fi → between €10 and €30 per month depending on companies’ plans;
  • Transportation (CTS - Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois).

Daily Living Expenses

  • Food → A meal in the university restaurant is between €3 and €5 / Sandwich → between €4 et €6 / Coffee → between €0.50 et €2.50 / Baguette → between €0.50 et €2.50/ Tarte flambée (local specialty) → between €6 et €11 / small beer → about €2.50;
  • Clothing;
  • Laundromat → between €5 et €11;
  • Hairdressing salon → between €20 and €45;
  • General medicine consultations → €26.50 (reimbursed after you get your health insurance card).

School Expenses

  • Contribution vie étudiante et de campus (CVEC) → about €100 for the school year. This sum is required from students pursuing their studies in France outside of an exchange program;
  • University enrollment fees (outside of an exchange program).
  • Books;
  • Supplies;
  • Enrollment to associations, events, student clubs.

Leisure Expenses

  • Hobbies (cinema, museums, shows, restaurants, bars, swimming pools...);
  • Traveling (transportation, housing, food, leisure…).

Savings in the event of unforeseen expenses!