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Moving out

 Before My Departure

Your mobility is coming to an end and you are getting ready to go home. Before leaving Strasbourg, you must:

Terminating the Lease

If you are a tenant, you can leave your accomodation at any time, as long as you give notice to the owner or the rental agency. To terminate the lease, you must:

  • Give notice by registered letter or electronic registered letter. You cannot give notice by e-mail, SMS or phone-call. You do not have to justify your decision.
  • Respect a notice period of generally 3 months for unfurnished rentals and 1 month for furnished rentals or rentals located in a "zone tendue" (an area where demand for accommodation far exceeds supply which is Strasbourg's case).

Exit Inspection, Deposit, and Subscriptions

Exit Inspection

Are you leaving your place for good?

When you hand over the keys to your landlord, or shortly afterwards, you and your landlord should carry out an exit inspection to compare the condition of the property when you moved in (entry inventory) and when you move out.

To avoid any disputes with the landlord, make sure that your accommodation is in good condition(minor repairs) and plan a thorough clean-up for their visit so that you have every chance of getting your deposit back in full.

Carry out the inspection during the day with the official document of the entry inspection.


The landlord must refund your deposit (all or part, depending on the damage) within a maximum of 2 months from the date the keys were handed over.

Cancelling Subscriptions

Before leaving Strasbourg, do not forget to cancel your subscriptions (electricity, water, gas, internet...).

Shared Living and Exit Inspection

If you share housing, the inventory will only be carried out after the last tenant has left.

So if one of the tenants leaves before the others, there will be no exit inspection with the landlord, as the contract continues for those who remain in the accomodation.