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Thomas Baumert Awarded the Inserm Research Prize 2023

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Thomas Baumert, Director of the Inserm/University of Strasbourg joint research unit UMR_S 1110, has won the 2023 Inserm Research Prize for his exceptional contributions to the understanding and treatment of fibrosis and liver cancer. His achievements represent a significant breakthrough in medical research, positioning Strasbourg at the forefront of innovative efforts against these diseases.

The Strasbourg-based Researcher Thomas Baumert Receives the 2023 Inserm Research Prize for Innovations in the Fight Against Fibrosis and Liver Cancer

Winner of the 2023 Research Prize, Thomas Baumert, Director of the Institute for Viral and Hepatic Diseases Research in Strasbourg (UMR_S 1110), has dedicated his career to innovative research to enhance the care of patients with fibrosis and liver cancer. Recognizing the pivotal role of research in medical innovation, his journey has been marked by years of work in the United States and Germany, seamlessly combining the roles of physician and researcher.

Dr. Baumert and his team, currently comprising around fifty members, have achieved significant results, particularly in the field of hepatitis C. Their work on immune response and virus entry into cells has contributed to the development of treatments now widely used. Furthermore, through an innovative approach, his team identified the protein "claudine 1" as a major therapeutic target for fibrosis and liver cancer, paving the way for promising treatments currently under evaluation in patients.

Additionally, Dr. Baumert's team has created a comprehensive atlas of human liver cells, widely adopted by the scientific community and industry. Their development of a "mini liver," replicating the prognostic signature of fibrosis and cancer, has also led to the identification of potential drugs, underscoring the relevance of their research for the development of new treatments. This recognition from the Inserm Research Prize highlights the significant impact of Dr. Thomas Baumert and his team in the fight against these devastating diseases.