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Capoeira Festival "30 years after".

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On the occasion of the festival "30 años depois" (30 years ago), a European Capoeira event in honour of some of the masters who were at the origin of its development in Europe, Professor Babuino Branco (Mokambo Capoeira), DODO (Sweden), PACOCA (Austria), PICA PAU & MARETTA (Netherlands) and PAULO SIQUIERA (Germany) will join us for an evening dedicated to this martial art.


European Capoeira meeting

Capoeira is a martial art with African roots. Imported to Brazil by slaves 500 years ago, it is a form of masked fighting and dancing in the name of God (the only practice allowed for slaves at the time). Capoeira was created and developed in its martial form known as "Regional Capoeira" by Mestre Bimba. In the 1980s it spread to Europe and became a worldwide art form. 

Conceived by Babuino Branco, this festival takes place on the campus of the University with the Sports Department and La Pokop. It is the result of a desire to open up Strasbourg, and in particular the students, to a wider dimension than the one offered by the course. It's an opportune and symbolic moment to transmit the heritage of the oral, practical and spectacular history of European capoeira. This heritage is the treasure of the master capoeiristas who pioneered capoeira in Europe. It's a treasure that must be passed on to the next generation if it is to survive. 

The Sports Department runs capoeira classes with a section of the Mokambo School.


  • Courses (discovery, initiation, development, improvement) in Capoeira in its different dimensions (Benguela games, Sao Bento de Grande, Iuna, Angola, instruments and songs);
  • Conference about the history of Capoeira in Europe;
  • Capoeira demonstration and show with live music;
  • Passage of rank (Gradés and above: from the blue rope upwards);
  • Social and festive moments.

Venue: La Pokop, Salle de spectacle Paul Collomp - 19 rue du Jura, Strasbourg

Price: free of charge