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Aurélie, Marylou, Anna: French Canadian Students at the University of Strasbourg

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French Canadian Students from Lucarne and Montreal, Canada, at the University of Strasbourg.

Hello, my name is Aurélie, I come from Montreal, the Université du Québec à Montréal, in Canada.

Hello, my name is Marylou, I'm studying Graphic Design and I come from Lucarne in Canada.

Hello, my name is Anna, I'm a student in Graphic Design at the University of Lucarne, like my colleague here.

When did you get to Strasbourg ? Have you had time to experience the city ?

Marylou : It's been two months since we arrived in Strasbourg, and we've already integrated well with all the activities available for international students. We've visited the city, including its highlights like the Strasbourg Cathedral, which is amazing. We're still in exploration mode, but we love the city, especially for student life, which is really enriching.


Why did you chose the city of Strasbourg and its University ?

Aurélie : I chose the city of Strasbourg and particularly the University of Strasbourg because the programs we're enrolled in align well with our learning style. It's a different approach from Montreal, which can be very interesting. People are very open, as we had heard, and that's really true here, which greatly facilitates our integration. Additionally, Strasbourg is ideally located in France and Europe, making it an excellent starting point for traveling in the region.


What was your state of mind before leaving ?

Anna : For me, before leaving, I felt a little stressed and somewhat in denial. I didn't really realize the adventure that awaited us, but I was really excited about the challenge of studying abroad. I was really looking forward to it!


What are you enthusiastic about doing here ?

Aurélie : What we're most looking forward to in Strasbourg is getting used to this slightly more relaxed way of life than in Montreal. For example, on Sundays when nothing is open, just relaxing, doing our own things, it's really nice. We're looking forward to getting used to how people live here, which is less stressful than in Montreal.


What would you say to your peers to encourage them to come and study at the University of Strasbourg ?

Anna : So, if you're someone who loves challenges, discovering new adventures, meeting new people, and traveling, I think the University of Strasbourg is a great choice for you!