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Davide : Erasmus Student at the University of Strasbourg

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Erasmus student from Genova, Italy, at the University of Strasbourg

Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Davide, sono di Genova, nel nord-ovest dell’Italia, e studio biomedical engineering al Politecnico di Milano. In quanto italiano, non posso che essere un amante della buona cucina e del buon vino, oltre ad essere un ex giocatore e grande appassionato di basket e di sport in generale.

English translation: Hi, my name’s Davide, I come from Genova, a city in the north west of Italy, and I study biomedical engineering at Politecnico di Milano. As an Italian, I’m obviously a huge sucker for good food and nice wines, but I’m also a former basketball player and a big fan of sport in general.

Have you already had time to experience Strasbourg?

I’ve had time to visit the city and go out to bars and other places, but less than I would have liked.


Why did you choose the University of Strasbourg for your mobility?

I was interested in living in what can be defined as one of the administrative capitals of Europe, but I also wanted to do an internship in a certain lab I can’t disclose much about.


What was your mindset before leaving?

I’m an extremely curious and adventurous person, so I was just happy to start this new experience and hopeful to be able to discover new things abroad.


What would you say to encourage your peers to come and study at the University of Strasbourg?

Even taking out all the academic context, it’s one of the best cities to travel around Europe from, since it’s perfectly at the centre of the continent. Also, the city is one of the chillest and most culturally open I’ve ever visited.